Welcome to my world

I am normal. I speak to angels. 

I used to be a corporate lawyer and all that angel stuff made me smile. Not anymore. Did you know there are angels for just about any problem that troubles us? Angels of business. Angels of relationships. Angels of parenting. Angels of creativity. Angels of health. Angels of money. But also Angels of cars, computers, houses and more.  

Angels are my colleagues. I speak to them every day. We work as a team. They show me the bigger picture so I can help you get unstuck. Would you like to try? 

Thanks to the guidance I get from angels, I am able to go to the core of issues, which is often not visible from our human perspective. However, my guidance is very practical and easy to implement. No waffle. 

I have just launched a new product: a one card angel reading which enables you to try me for a really small price. Here is what clients have said about my one card angel readings:

"I am so pleased with this reading. It was so useful. Amazing how much clarity you can get just out of one card!"

Krystal Womal, owner at Heavenly Scents

"I wanted to say a very big thank you for the one card reading. I almost never jump on an offer like that but for some reason I felt compelled. Your message was absolutely spot on. I really needed to hear it. It validated where I am at and what I do. Thank you."

Rian Grant 

To order a one card reading, go to my online shop.  

Here is what a client has said about my online mentoring:

I have had the privilege of working with Ange recently. I found her to be incredibly genuine, with absolutely no judgment to my own personal things holding me back. She had some great insights and gave me suggestions to implement certain things and my results were fantastic. Thank you Ange for giving me your time to help and guide me along my journey.  

Holly Brownless, Coach and founder of feminine flow 

You can subscribe to my monthly online mentoring service here.  

In my work, I use a combination of:

  • spiritual healing
  • counselling skills
  • reiki healing (reiki master)
  • tarot readings
  • akashic record readings
  • clinical hypnotherapy
  • mediumship
  • emotional freedom technique
  • pet whispering

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me on FB on this profile

The best to you and your happiness,

Ange de Lumiere

Contact number: UK mobile 07914606729

Email address: anges de lumiere 101 at gmail dot com

Last update: 3rd January 2017