For people who believe in miracles

 I make hand stitched dolls to order that contain a hand picked crystal suited to the needs of my clients. Here are some ways these dolls can be used:

  • for inner child work: The doll can be made to look like you and you can use it to nurture and heal yourself from your childhood wounds. 
  • for therapeutic work: Counsellors and child therapists have used dolls for years. If you would like to order a set of dolls for your practice, please contact me at mosaicdreamer at gmail dot com. 
  • to send good vibes and healing to a loved one: the doll can be made to look like a loved one that is going through a challenge. The doll is used to focus the intend of support and love. No outcome should be asked on behalf of the loved ones as it is their lives and their destiny but prayers help. 
  • to do distant healing: for practitioners who want a tool to practice distant healing. I have used mine to do a chakra cleanse on a client over the phone. I was able to assess and cleanse all her chakras with a crystal pendulum, on the doll. 
Please note that these dolls are not toys. They should not be handed to children under three years old due small parts: buttons, hair, crystal, etc.

If you would like to order a doll, please go to the shop and pay the first instalment. The second instalment will be due before shipping. Shipping is added on top of the price.