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One card angel reading 

When you are ready to pay, indicate in the comment box if you have a specific question for this one angel card reading. The reading will be done by email after receipt of payment.


One to one session with Ange

What you will get from the session: a blend of healing, clairvoyance and guidance that will illuminate your journey and give you purpose and an idea of where the next step is. And if you are blocked, a way forward.


Block of three one to one sessions 

Online spiritual mentoring

I offer an online spiritual mentoring monthly membership. You can then benefit from my teachings and guidance on an ad hoc basis through an exclusive, secret, Facebook group that I create for you and where I post whatever you need as we go along. I have taught tarot, intuition, abundance, healing and reiki workshops successfully.


Block of 3 months of spiritual mentoring

When you book online spiritual mentoring for three months, you get a half hour bonus call with me. 


Switch your spiritual satnav on online course 

The normal price of the course is 111. I

During this seven week online course, you will learn to listen and trust your intuition, again. We are all born with intuition but somewhere along the line, we lose the magic. With this course, you will rekindle a gift that was given to you at birth and bring more magic in your life. Intuition is not fluffy, it can save you time and money but even more important it can help you avoid big mistakes.

The next course will start on 15th October. There are only ten spaces in it.


M doll - first installment

This is not a toy. Please do not purchase this doll for a child unless they will be supervised.

Also note that these dolls are made to order. I will start to make the doll when i receive the first installment. This can take up to three weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

When you place your order, can you please specify if you would like the chakras on your doll and if you have a preferred colour for the hair or the clothes, also indicate it. Thank you

Please note the total price of the doll is 66. This is the first installment for the price of your doll. The second instalment will be due before shipping. Shipping costs come on top.Dolls are made to order. You will be notified an approximate time for the completion of the dolls after you pay the first installment. Shippping will come in addition to the price.


Ange de Lumiere manifestation kit 

This kit which has been blessed with angelic energy comprises an angel photo card, my abundance CD and a set of instructions on how to manifest your dreams.

(+ postage: £4)

Reiki one home study course 

Journey of the Slim Soul (Book only) 

The journey of the slim soul is a book that offers a holistic and healing approach to slimming addressing issues at the level of the body, mind, heart and soul. Unique in its genre, this book will transform the way you look at your body and your weight and help you achieve your goals easily and effortlessly without dieting, scales or strenuous exercise.

(+ postage: £4.50)

Journey of the slim soul CD 

This is the perfect companion to the Book. It will help you believe in yourself and keep motivated to make the changes that you need to make to progress on your journey.

(+ postage: £2.50)

Relax and recharge CD 

A CD that helps you relax and energise yourself with a reiki meditaiton

(+ postage: £2.50)

Confidence CD  

A meditation for those who find the world to be harsh and who seem to only remember criticism rather than compliments and who suffer from low self esteem

(+ postage: £2.50)

Self love and forgiveness CD 

A meditation given to me by the angels to help love oneself with our flaws and imperfections and in spite of any mistakes we might have made in the past

(+ postage: £2.50)

Exam and revision CD 

This meditation helps you find the time and motivation to revise and helps you with memory on the day of the exam or the test thanks to well established hypnotherapy techniques

(+ postage: £2.50)

Pregnancy CD 

A wonderful meditation to help you prepare for birth by allowing your body to relax and open to let your baby out. A relaxed mum has more chances of having a good birth as she can allow her body to do what it has been designed for.

(+ postage: £2.50)

Quit and slim CD 

Too often I hear my clients say they are afraid to quit smoking because they think they will put on weight. This CD has been especially written for them as it helps you not replace one crutch by another. Yes, it is possible to quit smoking without putting on weight. Don't let this be the excuse for postponing your health.

(+ postage: £2.50)

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